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I want to begin the process. How do I start?

All clients must first and foremost book an initial general meeting via the website or a specific service if known.

Do you have office in Ghana / Nigeria?

We are based in Canada with correspondents in Ghana, Nigeria, UK, USA and Belgium

How long does the whole process take and price?

The length of your required service will be dependent on the processing times given by embassies worldwide. Prices for packages are individualized.

Can you please take me through the whole process because I am confused?

Book online for your meeting, have your meeting at the scheduled date and time, listen to the packages, provide confirmation and come on board

Where do you have the meetings?

All meetings are held online via zoom, Teams, Skype, whatsApp, etc depending on the feasibility

What kind of payments methods are accepted?

Customers are able to pay on the website via mobile money or credit/visa/master card

Can I book and have a meeting for someone?

Yes you can do that but the meeting should be recorded for quality assurance purposes

Do you guarantee visas?

No. Please note that Travels by the.Derricks is an independent entity without any affiliation to visa offices worldwide

So if I don't book an appointment, does that mean I can't meet the team?


If you still have questions for us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Someone on our team will be happy to assist you.

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